Available Scripts

Dead Fish

What must a romantically inept young man do to score?  Hapless Hiro tries everything—with hilarious results—until fate gives him a break.  But fate is a joker and somebody up there has a wicked sense of humor when his chick ends up dead and his friends will never believe he is no longer a virgin.  Set in the beach resort of Goa, India

Mishap Adventures of Boudreaux and Thibodeaux

Look up in the sky!  It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  Hell no!  It’s Boudreaux

Do you think there could be anyone dumber than Dumb and Dumber?  Well, you haven’t met the infamous pair, Boudreaux and Thibodeaux from down in Cajunland, in “Who ya mama?”.

Wild Dog

What do five kids and an old moonshine still have in common? Bootleg ice cream and lots of money.

Agatha's Spirit

A young child dies of a broken heart after her mother is driven away by a jealous husband. Only to  have their spirits reunite at the death of the now elderly mother.

The Wrong Side of the Tracks

Born on the the wrong side of the tracks? Well, love knows no boundaries. A comedy filled adventure of hurricanes, temperaments and the wrong side of the track.

The Shamanic Journey

When one dwells into the recesses of the mind unprepared, one runs the risk of distorting one reality for another. It is the job of the Shaman to enter in and out of the realms of reality to heal and rescue the lost soul of others.  Aaron, Scott and Jason, three college roommates and childhood friends find themselves in an inconceivable dilemma after experimenting with mushrooms during an amateur, unsupervised shamanic ritual.


Series: Set in Goa, India. An internationally diverse group of women find themselves alone and in  financial distress. How do they reclaim their identity and survive ?